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Welcome to the

Kingsville Baptist Church

Purpose Statement: We exist as a church to worship God, evangelize the lost, minister to the needy, disciple believers, and fellowship together as the Body of Christ.

Audio Files of Church Services: 

Click here for 10/19/14 Morning Worship Service  

Click here for 10/26/14 Morning Worship Service 

Click here for 11/9/14 Morning Worship Service

Click here for 11/16/14 Morning Worship Service

Audio Files Revival Services. Nov., 2014:

Click here for 11/2/14 Morning REVIVAL Service 

Click here for 11/2/14 Evening REVIVAL Service 

Sorry no audio is available for the 11/3/14 REVIVAL Service

Click here for 11/4/14 REVIVAL Service 

Click here for 11/5/14 REVIVAL Service 



Nov. 2-Nov. 30 will be the SOUPER CONTEST.  The contest will be to see which Sunday School Class can bring the most canned soup for use in the Food Pantry.  The class that brings the most will have breakfast prepared for them at a later date.


The TeamKids need small bottles of water.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.  


Operation Christmas Child   Showboxes  due date has been extended.  The boxes now need to be here by next Sunday (Nov. 23).  There is more information on the tables at the entryway.


Sunday, Dec. 7 will be Christmas Dinner.  Please sign up in the entryway.


Click the link at left to see the current month's calendar 

Click here for the Facebook page for the Kingsville Baptist Church Youth Group  



Kingsville Baptist Church

Kingsville, MO

203 W. Adriatic Street



Pastor - Rev. John McRoy

Youth Minister - Chris Cox


Sunday School for all ages: 9:30 am Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning Worship: 10:30 am

Sunday Bible Study and Youth: 6:00 pm

Wednesday Bible Study: 6:30 pm

Wednesday Youth/Team Kid: 6:30 pm (during the school year)

(Check Church Calendar for Specific Services & Times)